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LithuanianMacedonian To view documents: You can also view your documents from the update screen: How should I prepare for my trial or evidentiary hearing? This page provides help with the most common questions about Court Online. PDF, JPEG, Word, Excel, MP3, MP4, etc. When Phase II is implemented at the courthouse in your region, CaseLines will be used for the following Family Law Act and Childrens Law Reform Act cases, subject to judicial direction: CaseLines will be used for a first court date before a judge or a clerk for any family law case started under Rule 8 or Rule 15 of the Family Law Rules provided that the responding party has filed materials at least 5 business days in advance of the scheduled court date. You can control the order in which your documents appear, therefore please add a number at the beginning of the document name (i.e. SerbianSlovak (Production). All Rights Reserved. Changes you make are automatically saved. This email address is being protected from spambots. The email will include a link to register for Case Center which will open in your browser. Work is underway with the following courts: Clicking the digital evidence logo throughout this website will re-direct you to the digital evidence portal. , An index of the notes you have taken will appear in a column on the right-hand side of the screen click on the , A new reading window will appear with a red header, Select the document you want to read in your left-hand reading pane, Select another document from the index, this will now display in the right-hand reading pane, Click the cross in the top right corner of your right-hand reading pane to return to single pane view. CzechDanish Follow the instructions below for your preferred method: If you add a file you did not intend to include, click on the minus sign in the circle to the right of the document title in the Select files box to remove it. JavaScript must be enabled for DCS to function. Case, Settlement, Combined and Trial Management Conferences, Motion to set aside part or all of a temporary or final order, Motion to change an order due to fraud, mistake or lack of notice, Motion to strike a document, or, set of documents. AfrikaansAlbanian If you do not file your documents with the court and upload them into CaseLines, the court may not have the documents that you will be relying on in court. You can do so by locating the case (found on your View Case List screen) and selecting Update Case. Tip 5 - Upload documents individually to the appropriate event bundle if they do not contain hyperlinks to other documents. Each party will upload any witness lists they may have to the Witness Schedules section, which is shared by all parties. A bit of practice is all it takes to confidently present using CaseLines. The parties representative that received the invite to the case in Case Centerhas the ability to add additional participants to the case in Case Centerand can add witnesses to provide them access to the exhibits. Criminal documentsfor pre-trial motions in Toronto are to be uploaded the Thursday prior to the week the motion is set to be argued. Material that is not uploaded to CaseLines will likely . Documents that are hyperlinked to other documents. Developed by Netmaster Solutions Ltd., CaseLines is used in courts in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the U.S. Court Online: Evidence Management (CaseLines) allows Judges and legal teams the opportunity to efficiently and securely prepare, collate, redact, share and present evidence/ legal bundles, documentary and video evidence in a single online system, by: 1. If you made a mistake and want to remove exhibits youve uploaded, follow these instructions: It is the parties responsibility to ensure that witnesses have access to any exhibits needed for examination and to determine how they will provide this access. Court Online: Evidence Management (CaseLines) offers Microsoft tier four Azure cloud storage and is ISO270001 accredited. Some of the many benefits of CaseLines include: User-friendly interface. The website will open your computers file list. Click in the box before Remember me next time to select (tag) the box. To add several files at a time, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key if using Windows or Command key if using a Mac to highlight several files, then click open at the bottom of the file list screen. A complete list of CaseLines guides is accessible at the following website: Any requests to change or add to the case in Case Center will need to be raised during the hearing for determination by the ALJ. This statewide document naming protocol applies in all CaseLines case types. It is in your interest to complete the required forms correctly. the Litigant did not mark the documents for inclusion in the Hearing-specific bundle. instead of Order, save as Order of Stevenson J., 1-FEB-2021). Click Stop Presentation when you are done. For Charter School, begin with CS1, CS2, CS3, etc. Your case will have an orders/endorsements bundle. On the next screen, parties will be able to input the witness email address and send a limited link to the witness which will automatically expire after 72 hours. Parties can create and send a flash drive of the exhibits to the witness for them to access on their own devices. All of the selected files will populate in the Select files box. If the Master, for some or over reason, determines that the last will is not valid, the Next-of-kin affidavit will come into play. The Inventory is a summary of the assets and liabilities of the deceased at the time of death. The Judicial authority of the Republic of South Africa is vested in the courts. Document names that do not follow this protocol could cause confusion and create unnecessary delays. EstonianFilipino To upload documents, click on the Sections tab in the case file, find your designated section and select Upload Documents. Although system upgrades continue with CaseLink, images are now available with delay, up to 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). CaseLines is a cloud-based document sharing and storage e-hearing platform for remote and in-person court proceedings. 2023 Arizona Supreme Court. The hyperlinks within these documents will remain intact. Abbreviations may only be used as follows: APP for Applicant Lawyers can provide other professionals access to their cases in CaseLines. On or before your court date, a judge or a court clerk may schedule a hearing that will use CaseLines in accordance with this Notice, or, in accordance with the direction given by the presiding judge. Subsequently, when invited to a case, you will simply log in using your user name and password. Use of Case Center is free of charge to the parties. No one likes thinking about that day, but being prepared will ensure that you and your family can mourn a loved one without getting caught up in the administrative drama after death. You can also open two documents side by side on CaseLines by clicking on theDual Panes Iconin the top right corner of your reading window (i.e. To run page numbers continually throughout your evidence bundle, search your case in the View Case List tab> Update Case> Bundles> Untick the Section Numbering Restarts in the Bundle>Save and refresh your page. Any support enforcement hearing commenced by a payor, recipient or the Family Responsibility Office regarding garnishments, writs of seizure and sale, default hearing, warrant for committal and motions to refrain the suspension of a payors drivers license; Any cases that a judge has determined should not use CaseLines. Once youve completed all the questions scroll down and select (tag) the boxes for I have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions above and I consent to you providing me with business and marketing information.. DutchEnglish A red border will appear around the review pane, indicating that you are in presenter mode. You will not have to select a role if the new participant has already registered in CaseLines. CaseLines Digital Evidence Center (CaseLines), a Thomson Reuters product, is a cloud-based court exhibit and evidence management application. This will assist the judicial official in easily locating the exhibits and/or caselaw. Where can I see who uploaded a document to CaseLines? The electronic evidence program will automatically number the exhibits and additional page numbering or bates stamping should not be added. Technical support provided by Thomson Reuters is available from 8 AM to 5 PM (Monday - Friday) Eastern Time Zone. This will need to be changed to comply with the naming conventions identified in this Order. CaseLines will transition to Case Center in the coming months. Exclude a document from view on the CaseLines (Case Centre) iew pane? When you open Case Center, you will be required to register as a user. You will see a number of red tabs at the top of the page. If you need support to resolve technical issues, please call 1-800-290-9378 and select either CaseLines or Evidence Sharing when you reach the directory or email, Technical support provided by Thomson Reuters is available from 8 AM to 5 PM (Monday Friday) Eastern Time Zone, 2023 State of New Hampshire All rights reserved, An official NEW HAMPSHIRE government website, Guidelines for Use of Cameras and Audio Equipment, Registration Process for Use of Cameras and Audio Equipment, Judicial Performance Evaluation Advisory Committee, New Hampshire Court Accreditation Commission, Introducing CaseLines for NH Superior Court, Training Information and Frequently Asked Questions, CaseLines Basics Register Logon Upload, FAQs on Courtroom Technology, Court Rules, Orders and Procedures, and Training, CaseLines Digital Evidence Center Learning Path, Superior Court Administrative Order 2021-08, CaseLines Hearings Tips for Counsel and Self-represented Parties. Create a CaseLines (Case Centre) section? To access the guide, login to CaseLines and then visit the following website: Every checkmark you add grants new permission; every checkmark you take away removes one. Upon receipt of this email, parties must login to CaseLines and upload the material. Yiddish Click on Apply Filter, then scroll down to see your case name. To add files directly to the Select files box without using drag and drop, click the Add Files button at the bottom left of the Select files box. Survivors must cope with more than grief, they also must deal with crucial financial matters. This support includes videos and written summaries for using various aspects of the system. The amount of time it takes to upload your documents will vary, depending on the total size of the files. Click Add to include a section in the Hearing-specific bundle, Click Edit next to the document description, Click Excluded to exclude the documents that are not relevant to the specific hearing, Click Update to change the bundle number or description, Click Settings to change the paginations settings of the bundle, A section will not display on the Review page if, Select the Hearing-specific bundle from the dropdown list. Previously, only hyperlinks to external websites remained active in court documents once they were uploaded into CaseLines. Follow the presenter on an CaseLines (Case Centre) case? Volunteer-AmeriCorps, Helpful Links Click Download complete bundle to download the entire case file, Click Download bundle index to download a pdf copy of the index. If you need to find Case Center independently of the email invitation, go to Self-Service Center This will send a message to all other parties that they can click to be taken to the same page. Legal Associations Court staff, parties and counselmust follow anyspecificjudicial directionif ajudicial official has determined thatCaseLinesshould not be used in a particular case orif certaindocumentsshould not be uploaded. For example, Students Table of Contents and Students Exhibits. Lawyers can give other professionals in their office access to their cases by taking the following steps: Quick Reference Guide:Granting Access to an Individual User. CaseLines for Domestic Family Matters in the Ontario Court of Justice notice (May 2022) CaseLines Hearings Tips for . We do, however, suggest that you submit a Next-of-kin-affidavit in all circumstances, even if there is a will. These functions are discussed in the CaseLines guide regarding Notes. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Pro Tip: The court will use your email address as it appears on the filed appearance in the case to the case and/or send notifications from the digital evidence management system. What now? If I upload my exhibits into CaseLines, is this the same as submitting them to the court? document.getElementById('cloak3a9a4ec8578fcada2af7cbcd2d2d4323').innerHTML = ''; Always click on a hyperlink on the document situated on the middle left pane; otherwise, the reader will lose its place on the original document, and the screen will jump to the referenced document location.). Members of the public will be able to file documentation on Court Online: Evidence Management (CaseLines) with the assistance of Registrars at the Court. Next, click on the People tab found in the case file and then on Invite New Participant. The digital evidence portal supportsextensivemultimedia formats. small overlapping rectangles). We will assist you in drawing up a Will (if you do not already have a Will) and complete an Estate Directory. How do I know if my case has been selected for CaseLines. . Describe a document on CaseLines Case Centre? Some of the many benefits of CaseLines include: user-friendly interface materials of any size and file format can be uploaded users can make private notes and highlights on documents Pro Tip: Make CaseLines a trusted sender by saving in your list of email contacts or regularly check your junk folder for emails from CaseLines. Privacy Notice UkrainianUrdu ALPHA Login to CaseLines (Case Centre) Go to the OCJ digital case portal. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can open multiple documents in CaseLines by taking the following steps: A second reading pane will open so that you can read two documents side by side. Click View Documents next to the relevant section description, Click View next to the relevant document that must contain the hyperlinking, Use the page counter to navigate to the relevant page of the document, Click next to the place in the document where the hyperlink must appear, Click OK to the question add a hyperlink to this page, Add a hyperlink Description that corresponds with the description in the document. Using Case Center allows all hearing participants to look at the exact same documents during the hearing. If a Litigant selects Tabbed in the checkbox above, CaseLines (Case Centre) will insert a blank page before the document marked as tabbed. Click Here, .contentsName, .case, .Text, .lines, .actionList a, .actionList a:link, .actionList a:visited, .actionList a:hover, .actionList a:active, div a, div a:link, div a:visited, div a:hover, div a:active, table a, table a:link, table a:visited, table a:hover, table a:active, table tr td a, table tr td a:link, table tr td a:visited, table tr td a:hover, table tr td a:active You will have to use an HTML5 compliant internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari to access the full functionality of Case Center. Generally speaking, the more documents you add at a time, the longer the upload time for each group of files. The documents can be viewed, searched, and used while examining witnesses. Only those invited can see what is uploaded. if you do not have an account. S1 12 01 2019 Psychoeducational Assessment. You may add multiple groups of files by repeating this process until you are finished. Phase I of CaseLines is used when scheduling new domestic (Family Law Act (FLA), Childrens Law Reform Act (CLRA)) initial case conferences and motions on notice. LABOUR COURT AND LABOUR APPEAL COURT JUDGES, Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT), COURT ONLINE WORKSHOP FOR LEGAL PRACTITIONERS. Upon receipt of this email, parties must login to CaseLines and upload the material. +27 10 493 2500 188, 14th Road, Noordwyk, Midrand, 1685 Facebook Twitter instagram Youtube. This Notice uses the CaseLines terms. JapaneseKorean How do I invite other lawyers, my law clerk, or my legal assistant to access my cases in CaseLines? Generally speaking, each document should be uploaded to CaseLines separately, in the appropriate Section tab and using the naming protocol outlined in Tip 4. New training dates are available through 2022. } IMPORTANT: Parties or their counsel must upload their filed documents in the Pleadings sub-bundle, ensuring that the documents have been named in accordance with the protocol found in this notice. Click Category override on the outlook ribbon. spouse. Currently, there is no fee to use CaseLines. Internal hyperlinks pointing to locations within a document (such as a table of contents with hyperlinks to each section within the document) were deactivated upon being uploaded. It is easy to use and minimal training is needed; Materials of nearly any format can be uploaded and easily organized; Any device will work with CaseLines (computer, tablet, smart phone); and, Users can make private notes and highlight documents. Lost your password? An inventory is a requirement for all deceased estates. A13). You may therefore want to include draft orders with your materials. Parties/counsel must upload documents into the appropriate event bundle (e.g. Uploading to CaseLines is mandatory. Exhibit title (e.g., Surveillance Video, 911 Call, Medical Record, Deed, etc.). Tip: Make CaseLines a trusted sender by saving in your list of email contacts or regularly check your junk folder for emails from CaseLines. This is a comprehensive document that contains all the relevant information about you and your Changes to Caselines Hearing Dates are then added to the Outlook calendar at pre-selected intervals. The Case Management Application that resides on Courts computers and caters for finalizing the case registration process, generation of the case number, further processing of matters through all its stages and real time monitoring of the courts overall progress in finalizing matters. If your case has been selected for the CaseLines pilot, you will receive an email invitation from CaseLines to upload your materials about 1 to 2 weeks before your court event. On the first day of hearing, move to withdraw the exhibits and ask the ALJ to remove them from your exhibit section. Scroll up the page and click on the blue Documents button. This guide summarizes information regarding registering for Case Center; uploading documents; accessing exhibits (yours, and the other parties); using exhibits when examining witnesses; and offering exhibits as evidence in the case. Therefore, you must continue to file your documents either through the Justice Services Online Portal, by email or in-person with the court office AND upload your filed documents into CaseLines. How do I know what the judge or my counsel see on CaseLines (Case Centre)? DOMESTIC FAMILY EVENTS INCLUDED IN CASELINES: 3. The document that you propose to be sealed must be emailed to the court office or filed in-person, identifying the case name, court file number, hearing date and a request that the documents be forwarded to the judge who will determine whether a sealing order should be made. Document names shall not include firm-specific naming conventions or court file numbers. during the hearing), you will want to add it at the end of your list so that it does not change the order and page numbers that have been allocated to documents that have already been uploaded. Commission on Judicial Conduct You can drag and drop or directly add files using the Add Files button to add files to the Select files box. Document type (including the form number in family cases), Name of the party submitting the document (including initials if the name is not unique to the case), and. The parties are expected to upload the evidence they intend to introduce, at a time that meets the requirements of Education Code 56505(e)(7). Please see Tip 6 for instructions on how to upload documents to CaseLines that are hyperlinked to other documents that will also be uploaded. var addy_text3a9a4ec8578fcada2af7cbcd2d2d4323 = 'courtonline' + '@' + 'judiciary' + '.' + 'org' + '.' + 'za';document.getElementById('cloak3a9a4ec8578fcada2af7cbcd2d2d4323').innerHTML += ''+addy_text3a9a4ec8578fcada2af7cbcd2d2d4323+'<\/a>'; On the 10th January 2020 the Judge President Mlambo, issued a practice directive for the full implementation of the COURT ONLINE Evidence Management Application (CaseLines). To upload additional exhibits, follow the instructions below. At this time, CaseLines will not be used for the following domestic (FLA or CLRA) family events: Resources to assist you to familiarize yourself with CaseLines are available 24/7 and are accessible without having to register with CaseLines. California Commission on Disability Access, Office of Business and Acquisition Services, Self-Help Information for Special Education Cases, Electronic Submission of Witness Lists and Evidence Through Case Center,, 5 uploading documents - locate your section, 7 numbering and naming exhibits after upload, 8 adding additional exhibits or removing exhibits, Process and Due Process - the Life of OAH Cases, The Mediation Process Including Virtual Mediations, Virtual Prehearing Conferences and Hearings, Setting a Mediation and Requesting a Continuance of Prehearing Conference and Due Process Hearing Dates. View a CaseLines tutorial here:Welcome to CaseLines. For assistance with technical issues, please contact Thomson Reuters technical support at 1-800-290-9378and select either CaseLines or Evidence Sharing when you reach the directory, or email Litigants representing themselves will not be expected to present their cases digitally to the Judge utilising Court Online: Evidence Management (CaseLines). Uploading to CaseLines is mandatory. If you do not know the answer to a question, do not leave it blank type unknown. If a specific field does not apply, type not applicable. Incomplete forms can cause an unnecessary delay in the finalization of the administration process. Date on which the document was created or signed, in the format DD-MMM-YYYY (e.g. You can open multiple documents in CaseLines by clicking View at the top of the screen to make additional feature buttons appear, and then clicking on Open in New Tab. Witness access to exhibits can be provided through different methods. If the information you need is not included here, consult the Support section of the Case Centerwebsite. Parties/counsel must ensure that all pleadings have been uploaded into the Pleadings sub-bundle in CaseLines. [1] Situated at the top left of the Review pane, between the case name and the index. Selected quick reference guides are listed below. Compared to multiple paper documents that can be spread out during a hearing, a judge will likely only have one or two screens for viewing documents. Tip 4 - Name and number your documents. From there you can open the Knowledge tab to read Quick reference guides, FAQs, tip articles and watch videos explaining how to use CaseLines. Lawyers can give other professionals in their office access to their cases by taking the following steps: From the case list, click on the "Update Case" button beside the case. How can I direct the judge to a specific page of a document? If the total asset value of the estate is less than Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rand (R 250 000.00), the Master will appoint an administrator to administer the estate in terms of section 18(3) of the Estates Act, 1966. The full Court Online end-to-end solution will take into consideration the digital application for Court hearings and the management of evidence (CaseLines). Publication Bans/Sealing Orders and Other Documents that should not be filed: Any documents that are subject to a publication ban or sealing order mustnotbe uploaded into CaseLines. Powered by. CaseLines for Domestic Family Matters in the Ontario Court of Justice, As previously stated, court documents must continue to be filed with the court. If you or the other party provide the judicial official with the CaseLines-generated document and page number (e.g. Electronic copies of exhibits filed with OAH shall be filed by 5:00 PM at least five business days before the first day of hearing. All users will only be able to log into CCDCS using their primary email address or User Name. a third party including any agency such as the Office of the Childrens Lawyer or Ontario Works). -- Select language -- Phase 1 will exclude jury trials, focusing only on evidentiary hearings and bench trials. Civil and Family Matters - Counsel and parties are encouraged to issue and file their documents with the court electronically by using the Justice Services Online . Select the Sections tab to view all the documents of the section. Click on the name of the document in the left-hand column. Districts exhibits must include a copy of the school calendar for each school year in question.